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Rawan Association for Child Development is a non-profit charitable association, founded in 2008, registered with the Ministry of Interior under registration number RA-22580-E. The jurisdiction is the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development. Rawan Association for Child Development is one of the Palestinian associations that works to develop comprehensive remedial education for children from Ages 3 to 18 years who suffer from academic learning difficulties (reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, and arithmetic) and developmental learning difficulties (concentration, attention, perception, memory, speech and oral language development) Her role in building a national and modern educational system, and her great contribution to forming a generation A Palestinian committed to his cause and society and committed to the provisions of the Palestinian National Declaration of Independence, and the government’s ambition to develop the education and health sectors in Palestine.

Towards a Palestinian society that guarantees the child’s right to education, rehabilitation, care, and a decent future. Through establishing a national center specialized in the field of learning difficulties

Rawan Association’s plan for child and community development is innovation, efficiency and empowerment.

Rawan Association for Child
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