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Project Name: Rawan Samiti Headquarters Construction Project
Project Location: Ramallah Governorate – Sarada Birzeit Street
Objective of the Project: The general objective of the project is to develop a specialized national center for diagnosis and treatment of children with learning difficulties, disorders, confusion and hyperactivity in the age group of 3-18 years. Necessary licenses are available.
Target group: Children aged 3-18 years who have academic learning difficulties (reading, comprehension, spelling, writing and arithmetic) and developmental learning difficulties (concentration, attention, perception, memory, speech and oral language development) and integrate a modern , National Education System.
Ultimate beneficiaries: 77 municipalities and villages in Ramallah Governorate, including Palestinian refugee camps. With a population of approximately 600,000, the proposed project will also serve more than 10% of children across Palestine who have been diagnosed with or are exposed to symptoms of learning, mobility and other difficulties. ADHD addresses all Palestinian households in all Palestinian governorates, including Jerusalem. The center aims to raise awareness and train staff in schools and universities as well as focus on guidance and awareness courses for parents.
Expected Results:
1. Presence of a fully qualified building and specialized staff.
2. The building consists of four floors and contains many specialized resources, diagnostic rooms, main rooms and floors, early detection and diagnosis unit, intervention and rehabilitation unit, training unit, research and study unit and comprehensive school.
3. To obtain appropriate and comprehensive programs for comprehensive therapeutic education for troubled children. Learning, Distraction Disorders and Hyperactivity for Ages 3-18
4. A team of experts, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, to provide the necessary training for school staff, to enable early detection of the problem, treatment strategies and develop methods of adaptation to work during treatment.
5. Strengthen community awareness to develop children’s capacity to learn, create and integrate into society through partnerships with the public, private and non-governmental sectors in education, psychological and mental health and institutions.
6. Health and well-being of children with ADHD.
7. Increase acceptance and reduce the stigma associated with ADHD among the general public and families of children with ADHD through a specialized awareness and education program.
8. Provide a comprehensive approach to remedial education for thousands of children throughout the West Bank and Jerusalem, especially the marginalized and poor who suffer from weak economic and social conditions.
9. Identifying cases at an early stage, starting from kindergarten and initiating treatment plans for them.

Key Activities:
1. Project launch and announcement.
2. Engineering and consulting plans and bill of quantities are fully prepared pending commencement of the project.
3. Preparation of technical documents and bids in accordance with the Association’s policies and regulations followed for selection of implementing agencies and announcing a bid in a sealed envelope in a local newspaper with all completion stages.
4. Identification of an engineering consultant by the association to oversee the implementation phases.
5. Determine the budget to complete the work intervention and implementation plan.
6. Signing contracts with contractors and relevant parties.
7. Commencement of finishing work as per drawn plan.
8. Payment as per contract and stage of work.