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Donate to the Rawan Association

Ensuring the education and treatment of a child

We welcome receiving your donation to ensure the education and treatment of a child in need for a year with a monthly fee of 500 shekels, or donations in favor of developing therapeutic education and contributing to supporting the association.

Your contribution saves the future of children who suffer from autism, learning difficulties, distractibility and excessive movement.

Ways to Donate

Bank transfer

Quds Bank Account number: 385267 Swift Code: ALDNPS22 IBAN: PS58ALDN047503852670020010000

Buy coupon

Buying a coupon for a treatment or educational session from the association’s headquarters at a price of 50 shekels

Online Donation

Donation by visa card Donation Now

Donation box

Hosting the association’s donation fund for the treatment and rehabilitation of children at your workplace