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Services development

Providing and developing diagnostic and therapeutic services for children who suffer from learning difficulties, speech and language disorders, and behavioral problems such as distraction and excessive movement.

Developing therapeutic classes

Developing remedial classes for children who are unable to integrate into kindergartens and regular schools.

Individual diagnosis and treatment

The association works to diagnose and treat children between the ages of 3 and 18 who suffer from learning and speech difficulties and hyperactivity and distraction disorder (ADHD), and provides psychological support to them and their families.

Qualifying the staff

Qualifying the staff and empowering them with the necessary skills to work on accurate diagnosis and highly effective therapeutic methods.

Developing training programs

Developing teacher training programs in schools on how to deal with children with educational difficulties.

Helping schools

Helping schools develop resource rooms in order to enable them to deal with students with learning difficulties individually and in the classroom by designing bilateral plans with classroom teachers.

Expand the scope of the campaign

Expanding the scope of the national campaign to raise awareness of learning difficulties to include all regions of the country.

Cooperation with institutions

Cooperating with governmental and private Palestinian community institutions and universities in order to develop special education programs in Palestinian universities, provided that the Rawan Association is a training center for training the special education specialty in addition to the social service specialty and educational departments that graduate teachers.

Educating parents

Holding workshops with the children’s families to enable them to deal seriously with their children who suffer from learning difficulties and to provide them with skills that increase their awareness of understanding their children’s problem.