Department of learning difficulties

Managing the learning difficulties sector and empowering the Rawan Association to play its role and contribution in the national, humanitarian and community effort. Improving the services of the Association in the field of learning difficulties

Raise the level of community awareness

Raise the level and effectiveness of community awareness of partners (for school staff, kindergartens and children's families) in the need to identify early difficulties and methods of dealing with children

Training of school staff

A group of experts in providing the necessary training for school staff to enable them to early detection methods and therapeutic solutions and adaptations to work during treatment

Individual diagnosis and treatment

To obtain appropriate and comprehensive programs in comprehensive remedial education for children with learning difficulties and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Integrate community awareness

Integrated strategic plans to promote community awareness to develop the child’s ability to learn, create and integrate into society through partnerships with the public, Institutions of the civil sectorand private sectors in the fields of education, Psychosocial problems and mental health.

Creation of Learning Difficulties Center

National Center for Learning Difficulties embodies the national effort and practical and interactive partnership between the relevant bodies and the initiative to apply national slogans, strategies and priorities in a practical and effective manner throughout the country.