Rawan Association for Child Development is one of the specialized associations of remedial education

Rwan Association for Child Development is a non-profit association, established in 2008, registered in the Ministry of Interior under registration number RA-22580-E

Agreements and partnerships

The Rawan Association is one of the Palestinian educational associations that works to develop comprehensive therapeutic education for children from 3 to 18 years of age who suffer from academic learning difficulties (reading, comprehension, spelling, writing and numeracy) and developmental learning difficulties (attention, concentration, perception and memory) Its role in building a national and modern educational system, and its significant contribution to the formation of a Palestinian generation committed to its cause and society and committed to the provisions of the Palestinian National Declaration of Independence, and to the Government’s aspiration to develop the education and health sectors in Palestine .


Rawan Society Plan.



Our strategic plan is innovation, efficiency, empowerment.


Raise the level of community awareness

Raise the level and effectiveness of community awareness of partners (for school staff, kindergartens and children's families) in the need to identify early difficulties and methods of dealing with children

Department of learning difficulties

Managing the learning difficulties sector and empowering the Rawan Association to play its role and contribution in the national, humanitarian and community effort. Improving the services of the Association in the field of learning difficulties

Creation of Learning Disabilities Center

National Center for Learning Difficulties embodies the national effort and practical and interactive partnership between the relevant bodies and the initiative to apply national slogans, strategies and priorities in a practical and effective manner throughout the country.

Rawan Association Child Development Plan

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