Comparative risk

✔️ Create a sense of inferiority in the child makes him see himself less than his peers.
✔️ The upbringing of a arrogant person compares himself to others, to others,
✔️ never appreciates his achievements and does not accept them,
✔️ Excessive comparison without taking into account the different circumstances and capabilities, may drag us to exaggerate the virtues of others at the expense of our appreciation of the virtues of our loved ones.
✔️ To push the children to a fierce ambition that does not take into account the capabilities and concerns the impossible and kills the spirit and human relations.
✔️ Kill my children’s ambition for feeling less than to achieve anything.
✔️ Indifference, where the child sees that there is no use of any efforts, as long as his parents see others better than him.
✔️ He may become an envious person, because he focuses on what others have and lacks.
✔️ push the children to feel sick jealousy of others.
✔️ The comparison kills talent, because feelings of envy, jealousy and inferiority drain energy
The child and his ability to perform any productive activities, and his passion to discover his talents.

rawanComparative risk

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